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Why flavors are so


Feed flavorings provide a pleasant aroma, masking any undesirable flavor or aroma that a feed ration may have. Our flavors are specifically designed to encourage animals to consume feed, treatments, nutritional supplements, pharmacological products or even water that, while nutritious and beneficial, may be unattractive for them.

Optimizing the aroma of feed is crucial to ensure adequate nutrient uptake. This is especially important in certain scenarios where stress on the animal may hinder feed intake. Examples of this would be weaning, heat stress, transportation, or injury to the animal.

Flavors not only help to get the animals to feed but they also aid in the amount of feed consumed. This is true because as the animal chews, they continue to sense the smell through their olfactory system

An animal remembers 35% of what they smell long term. This means that pleasant aromas can have an awakening of emotions or memories for this animal as the sense of smell is strongly linked to emotional recognition. This emotional recognition can convert into pleasure thereby increasing the welfare of the animal.

Finally, having a flavored feed helps the marketing of your finished product. Smelling a non-flavored feed vs a flavored feed that has a distinguishable and desirable aroma can help build brand identity. This will help your products stand out against the competition.